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Visual Basic 6 Add-in
VBcodePrint is an add-in to Microsoft Visual Basic 6 that enables you to produce professional style, syntax lighlighted output of VB6 source code. The generated out can be printed or exported to RTF and PDF files.
Product Highlights:

  • Present your work the way it should be presented
  • Produce professional style output of your VB6 source code
  • Impress your clients with color coded printout and enjoy repeat business
  • Color-coded output is ideal for code inspections
  • Use output in your presentations and handouts
  • Output is great for debugging and supporting
Key Features:
Page Layout
  • Page layout (portrait or landscape) can be selected
  • Paper sizes supported by your printer can be selected
  • Page headers and footers can be configured to include project name, component name, project version, printed date, printed time and page numbers
  • Page margins and borders can be customized
Connecting Lines
  • Paired statement blocks can be printed with connecting lines
  • The source code lines can be indented by the number of specified spaces
Line Numbering
  • Lines can be numbered. Ideals for code inspections
  • Line number interval can be set
  • Lines can be restarted at the beginning of a procedure or page
Syntax Highlighting
  • Fonts for language constructs (Keywords, Identifiers, Literals, etc) can be configured
  • Fonts for page headers and footers can be customized
  • You can separate functions/procedures with a line, a new page or nothing
  • An index of variables, function and properties can be generated at the end of each component or project
Table Of Contents
  • A table of contents can be generated
Sorted Output
  • You can choose if the Documents, Forms, Modules are output in alphabetical order
  • You can choose components are to be output in component name or filename order
  • You can choose if the members in each component are to be output in alphabetical order
Export Output
  • The output can be exported to RTF and secure PDF formats
Monochrome Printing
  • Although color printing is most impressive, monochrome printing is also supported
  • Watermark images can be output on every printed page
  • You can design a coversheet for your printouts in a RTF document
  • You can include bitmaps in the printouts. Ideal way of including screenshots in the source code printouts
Custom Selection
  • You can select one or more procedures, components and projects using Windows  Explorer-like interface for printing
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"I have been using it now for a few days and felt that it was such a good value that the author deserved a "Thank you"!!! MUCH better than what VB includes. I can finally print my code easily, in color, and without the lines being chopped off. Thanks a ton! Great Product."

Timothy Bates
"Please pass our thanks along to everyone at your company. Walkthrough/peer review are integral parts of the development process here at LL. This means that the handful of developers we have are using your fantastic tools on a regular basis. We love them!"

Eddie Butt
London Life Insurance

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