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VBAcodePrint 2016
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Add-in

An Add-in to Microsoft® Visual Basic for Applications (VBA6 and VBA 7) that enables you to print professional style printouts of the source code directly from the Visual Basic development environment.

Print, preview and export all projects, a project, a component, a procedure and much more.

Customize the font attributes and colors for comments, identifiers, keywords, line numbers, strings, procedure headings, table of contents, and page headers/footers.

Total control over page layout, including paper source, orientation, margins, headers, and footers.

Print the source code of your applications across the entire Microsoft® Office suite of applications:, as well as thousands of other VBA enabled environments:

  • Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and FrontPage
  • AutoCAD, AutoSketch, Visio, and much more ...
Supported Environments:

  • Microsoft Basic for Applications (VBA6 and VBA7)
  • Microsoft® Office XP, 2000-2016 (32 and 64BIT)
  • All VBA enabled environments
Supported Languages:

  • VBA 6
  • VBA 7 (Microosft Office 32 & 64BIT)
Sample Output:

Sample Output Exported to PDF:
VBAcodePrint output exported to PDF
Key Features:
Page Layout
  • Portrait and landscape page layout is supported
  • Paper sizes supported by your printer can be selected
  • Page headers and footers can be customized to include project name, component name, project version, printed date, printed time and page numbers
  • Page margins and borders can be customized
Connecting Lines
  • Paired language constructs can be printed with connecting lines
  • The source code lines can be indented by the number of specified spaces
Line Numbering
  • Source code can be output with line numbers
  • Line number interval can be customized
  • Line numbers can be restarted at the beginning of a procedure or page
Syntax Highlighting
  • Fonts for language constructs can be set
  • Fonts for page headers and footers can be set
  • and much more ..


  • You can separate procedures/functions/properties with a line, a new page or nothing


  • An index of variables, function and properties etc can be produced at the end of each ProjectItem, Project or Solution


Table Of Contents
  • A table of Contents with hyperlinks can be generated that lists all the functions, properties, methods, project documents, etc in the generated output t


Sorted Output
  • You can choose if the Documents, Forms, Modules are to be output in alphabetic order
  • You can choose components are to be output in component name or filename order
  • You can choose if the members in each component are to be output in alphabetical order
Export Output
  • The output can be exported to RTF and secure PDF formats
Monochrome Printing
  • Although color printing is most impressive, monochrome printing is also supported
  • Watermark images can be output on every printed page
  • You can design a coversheet for your printouts
  • You can include bitmaps in the printouts. This is an ideal way of including screenshots in the source code printouts
Custom Selection
  • You can select one or more procedures, components and projects using Windows  Explorer-like interface for printing


Payment Service Providers:
If you own a license of an earlier version of VBAcodePrint then you qualify to purchase an upgrade
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Designed for
Office 2007-2016

Latest Version on
Last Updated
16th December 2016
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Designed for
2000, XP and 2003

Latest Version on
Last Updated
29th January 2013
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  What Users Say
"My specialism is creating Office Business Applications. Merely are these applications in Word, Excel and Access. And always with code. Sometimes VSTO (creating an add-in), but foremost VBA. I write books, and I publish a lot on my website. For all code is part of the deal.

Until now I copied some code and colored the code by hand. When the code was part of a manual, it was a lot of work, but it could be done. But publishing code on a website took too much time - turning from black to blue to red and sometimes green - all in one row. That's an impossible job. I was glad to find VBAcodePrint.

Frits Egmond
Microsoft Certified Professional

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