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  • Windows Explorer like interface is provided to select one or more objects
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SQLServerPrint 2016
Microsoft SQL Server 2008-2016 Schema Printing Application

Whether you're a systems administrator, database application developer, or IT consultant, you'll find SQLServerPrint 2016 a very useful tool that you can use to produce a paper or electronic copy of your Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 and 2016 schema objects (Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Logins, and much more) and their associated dependencies, permissions and much more...

If you want to use this product with SQL Server 2008-2016 then we recommed that you purchase SQLServerPrint 2016. However, if you currently own SQLServerPrint 2016 and want to refresh your copy with the latest version then visit the Downloads  page.

You can customize the font attributes and colors for all the elements that are output, and have total control over page layout, including paper source, orientation, borders, margins, headers, and footers.

Supported Environments:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to 2016
Product Highlights:

  • Present your work the way it should be presented
  • Produce professional style output of database schema
  • Impress your clients with color coded printout of your database schema and enjoy repeat business
  • Use output in your presentations and handouts
  • Support and debug complex SQL Server systems
  • Print the T-SQL for StoredProcedures, triggers and Views in color and with line numbers
  • Print object dependencies and the list of objects that depend upon it
SaSample Output - Table:

Sample Output - View:

Sample Output Exported to PDF: td>
SQLserverPrint output exported to PDF
Key Features:
Page Layout
  • Portrait and landscape page layout is supported
  • Paper sizes supported by your printer can be selected
  • Page headers and footers can be customized to include database object names, printed date, printed time and page number
  • Page margins are fully customizable
  • Dependencies of objects (Tables, Views, StoreProcedures etc) and the obects that depend upon an object can be included in the output
Line Numbering
  • T-SQL source code lines can be output with line numbers
Syntax Highlighting
  • Fonts T-SQL statments and page headers/footers can be customsized
  • and much more ..
  • An index of database objects is included in the output
Table Of Contents
  • A table of contents is generated
Export Output
  • The output can be exported to RTF and secure PDF formats
Monochrome Printing
  • Although color printing is most impressive, monochrome printing is also supported
  • Watermark images can be included on every page of output
  • You can design a coversheet for your printouts in a RTF document
Custom Selection
  • You can select one or more objects( Tables, Views, StoredProcedures and much more), using Explorer-like interface, to be included in the output

'Evaluation Version' watermark even after applying the registration code?

Please try the following steps:

  • Close down all instances of SQLServerPrint 2016
  • Uninstall SQLServerPrint 2014
  • Delete folder \users\your login\StarPrint Limited\SQLServerPrint 2016
  • Download SQLServerPrint 2014 and install it
  • Apply the registration code
Does SQLServerPrint 2016 work with SQL Server 2008 and 2012 databases?

Yes, but the database must have its compatibility level set to 120. There are plenty of articles on the internet that show you how to do that if you search for 'Database Compatibility Level'.

Does SQLServerPrint 2016 work with SQL Server 2000 databases?

Yes, but the database must have its compatibility level set to 100. There are plenty of articles on the internet that show you how to do that if you search for 'Database Compatibility Level'.
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Over the years my junior developers have been able to bring to me highly legible code that makes it easy to perform code reviews. In addition, whenever I have to go into legacy systems and decipher someone else’s work, it makes the effort so much easier – whether I only use preview mode or actually print. Whether you do VBA, Visual Studio language or T-SQL development, these are the tools you’ll want to print with. Microsoft has improved their code printing capability over the years, but still lags far behind the quality and legibility of documentation that Star Print tools provides. If you print code from Microsoft development products, I am confident you will find these tools indispensable.

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Information Technology
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